Spring Time & Fresh Ideas

Spring Time & Fresh Starts

There’s no better time like spring to start clearing out the old.

Not only because of the arrival of longer days and better times ahead but because time could be better spent doing the things we love, so clearing out the old not just because we need to spring clean our lives of clutter but to create more time to spend having fun and taking better care of course ourselves.

Zoya Peach Pedicure @Nail Crew

I myself, step by step, took the time to reduce and refresh the contents of my beauty regimen, threw out anything that has not been used in 3 months or more, products that contain any SLS, parabens or sulphates, old nail polish colors that don’t suit my skin tone, and items bought online on a whim and voila!

I decided that the only items that I really want to keep must contain only ingredients I can understand on the packaging, items that contain all natural ingredients, items that have more than one use, and the packaging must be able to be disposed of responsibly and recycled or reused and re filled.

If your truly considering the same then remember when aiming for all these goals at once it can get expensive when starting out your eco journey so try one item at a time.

I started with one small habit about a year ago with household items and getting my laundry liquid from Infinity foods refill station, and slowly but surely creating basic skin and body care products at home for my own use combining all natural ingredients from scratch and containing them in glass wear, products that we now use at Nail Crew.

Infinity Foods Brighton

But understandably if you don’t have that extra time and other hobbies you find more stimulating then there are plenty of beauty brands who have created great ethical, sustainable, natural, economical and environmentally friendly products that you can shop guilt free!

We also have some great new colors to choose from @ Nail Crew.
Please come try out our pastels range of nail polish from Zoya to freshen up your winter color palette.

Buy Zoya Nail Polish @Nail Crew

Zoya is a 10 free nail polish which means its ingredients are free from toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, parabens, TPHP, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, dibutyl phalate and lead, yes exactly what we thought, if you can’t read it or say it forget it! Zoya is also cruelty free and vegan friendly and breathable.

Zoya Lilac Manicure By Bea @Nail Crew

May we recommend also a pedicure, come on now you know its time!
Book online or if you haven’t already down load our booking app to secure your appointment on the go.

Talk about missing the point, Right ?

Talk about missing the point, Right ?

Mother’s Day Pamper Packages at Nail Crew

Finding the perfect Mothers day gift is a task in itself as I discovered this time round after realising for 3 years in a row, I’d been serving up tulips from a ‘said’ supermarket, we won’t mention, offering a home delivery service on the day, the mistake is blooming obvious……now anyway.

Alternative’s may include elaborate gifts just to up the sibling stakes, but I’m bound to get it wrong and living so far from family members leaves me feeling guilty and spending money assuming this will make up for it.
Having missed my nieces and nephews growing up as they do so fast, and my sister embracing motherhood, very well for the third time, I feel, I really have missed the point somewhere !!!

 Beautiful blooms exclusively by Go Botanica.

I heard an expression once and this really rings true, ” Spend all your money to make time “.

Mothers day. Not just to give back and say ” cheers mum, your not bad after all “, but embracing all that being a mother is about and the legacy they leave behind, the most precious gift you can give someone really is the gift of time, to chisel out a weekend or 10 minutes to make the call.

Lilac Zoya Manicure at Nail Crew

@Nail Crew this year we “ve taken all this into consideration by creating the perfect Mother’s Day pamper packages, so you can give back by giving your time to the ones who truly deserve it.

Signature Pedicure at Nail Crew

Offers exclusively available when you book online or booking through the Nail Crew UK booking app.

We Look Forward to seeing you soon !

My Love Of Nails, Clients & Organic Wine

My Love of Nails, Clients & Organic Wine

Alex , founder of Nail Crew was recently asked about her entrepreneurial journey and  how Nail Crew began.

Question 1. Have you always wanted to own your own beauty business ?

Being a good mum, I wasn’t sure what to do with my life,  so  she offered me a few suggestions (eager to get me out of the house) I think I was 18, so being a perfectionist, creative and nimble fingered, making a living from nails kind of made sense. Feeling inspired I decided to take the plunge and was renting a space in a tanning shop in the same year.

 Mum’s The Word

Question 2. What is the best thing about your job ?

The best thing about my job… mmm,  well, there are a few things !

I love when I hear our clients say WOW !
At any part of the experience, I make it a priority to give people an experience they’ve never had before.

The moment it clicks when you’ ve been teaching a new team recruit , to where they no longer need you.

The ‘aha’ moment. Thats’s really rewarding for me.

Accidentally stumbling across a great new idea that inspires a nail design or way of doing things.


Question 3. What do you like to do in your free time ?

Well if I can stop scrolling, which can be both good and bad, I also love strolling in Brighton for just as much inspiration, and finding new places to eat, and new organic wine to try. Lols pff

 The Foundry Pub In Brighton


Terre Di Faiano Organic Primitivo Available at Waitrose

 Question 4. What are your best nail care tips ?

Treat your nails like your best hair day.
If you want your nails to grow long and strong, trim and file every two weeks like trimming your split ends, and nourish the cuticle and nail with a rich penetrating balm.
Conditioner is to hair, like cuticle oil is to nails. You have to look after them in between salon appointments.

Inspiration From The Founder


Blue Beret Cos

( Blue Felt Beret from COS)

I learnt about a thing called Blue Monday today. Really?
We need that like a hole in the head.
@nailcrewuk to celebrate the END of January we took a little positive inspiration from this and created some fun nail designs, life and styling tips and put them on Instagram.

Nail Art By Nail Crew

( Nail Art By Nail Crew )

We hope you enjoy.
But on a personal note, I decided this year to not follow the norm, with a New Years Resolution.
Instead decided to pay more attention to the things I’m grateful for, what I have achieved, what I already have and who I have already become, taking away all pressure to achieve greatness from standards set by this online culture.
So much of my focus in 2018 was on being better and always being positive, shutting out negative emotions, as if they will just go away. puff!
I am not perfect, I am dazzling!

But a few things worth change and being conscious of, what really had me concerned was my impact on the environment at home and @nailcrewuk.

One project we have in mind @nailcrewuk is our handmade products which have been a hit so far, being conscious of the ingredients and where we source the ingredients, but also how we contain them, for 2019 we aim to reduce single use plastic containers for our retail and salon used products,
and even introducing a re-fill system.
You bring the container, we fill it for you.

It’s a good place to start, certainly food for thought.

So bring on 2019 !

Christmas @Nail Crew: All the essentials for Winter hands


All the essentials for Winter hands

This is a really tough time for skin and hands, and we know, we know, but we can’t stress enough how to take good care of them during colder months, we’re talking all the elements!
@Nail Crew we create our very own handmade products.
Alex the founder combined the the protective barrier of Candallila wax with the restorative ingredients Vitamin E, Almond Oil and Shea bitter to fuse the broken chapped and dry skin back together.
And great news for vegans, this products does not contain bees wax.
Candillia Wax Web
Alex’s recommendation :
“I just love that I can carry it in my clutch when I’m out, dab it on my lips, bit of lip liner, then smooth the rest over my hands and nails, this way I never forget!”
So not only is it a great all rounder, you can use it on your cracked heels too!
It’s good to bare in mind, all Nail Crew products are made cruelty free, using 100%natural ingredients, Alex insists on offering products that she trusts, and uses personally on a daily basis.
Nail Crew Repair Balm is now available to purchase in the salon.
Wax Gift Web-5
@ Nail Crew we like to keep some traditions and add some new ones, so we hope you enjoy our Christmas decorations this year and rest well assured Alex will make sure we don’t run out of prosecco served everyday on the run up to Christmas!
We strongly recommend making an early booking, if you’re struggling to get in for your Christmas manicure we have decided to open a little later this year, we’d hate for you to miss out!
Nail Crew Christmas Opening
Our Christmas Open hours are as follows:
Thursday 20th December 10am to 8pm
Friday 21st December 10am to 8pm
Saturday 22nd December 10am to 8pm
Sunday 23rd December 11am to 5pm
Monday 24th December  10am to 3pm
Christmas Day   CLOSED
Boxing Day   CLOSED
Thursday 27th December 10am to 7pm
Friday 28th December 10am to 7pm
Saturday 29th December 10am to 7pm
Sunday 30th December 11am to 4pm
Monday 31st December 11am to 3pm
Tuesday 1st January  CLOSED

Karma’s Inspiration

Karma's Autumn/winter Inspiration

Our resident and latest nail stylist, Karma Eliades offers us a few spicy styling tips for autumn/winter nails trends, colour trends and the vision that influenced them.

Nail technician, Karma

Karma naturally favours a splash of colour wherever possible in any outfit, and why should the cooler months be any different? It’s easy to add bold colour into a usual autumn palette, as Zara has done in this really fun outfit:

Model wearing blue jumper and orange checked midi skirt

Image Credit: Zara

The look inspired Karma to go all-out and dream up this equally fun plaid nail design; it’s all about standing out from the crowd! Come and see us if it takes your fancy, or bring us your own inspiration and we can translate it to your nails.

On to the colder weather… Who doesn’t enjoy putting on their favourite coat and boots to accessorise on a cold night? While September was all about nudes, we’re ready to transition to rusty tones, tan and mulled-spice colours for October and November. And we have the perfect line up for you with our OPI collection. We especially love ‘A Piazza Cake’ (a deep orangey-red, shown in the picture below), ‘My Way or Norway’ (a deep, tan/nude) and ‘Malaga Wine’ (a deep, crimson red).

Fingernails being painted in salon

Before long, it’ll be time to shimmy into Christmas with unique, stand-out nail art like this tortoiseshell design – with or without gold leaf. It’s a gorgeous alternative to the classic winter colours which we still love; black, rouge noir and bold red.

Remember, as Christmas party season approaches we’re going to get busy, so book your December appointment sharpish to avoid disappointment!